Customs of Indian weddings

Customs of Indian weddings

Indian marriages involve a lot of fun, touching, and valuable ceremonies. Kanyadana, the bride’s father handing her over to the wedding in a symbolic way, conveys that the wedding is now his obligation. He raises her hand and teaches her the art of walking through living together, facing its joys and sorrows, pleasure and hardship with conviction and power

Laja Homam, where the bride and her husband’s family members and friends throw puffed rice ( also known as ahutis ) into the sacred fire, is another significant occasion. According to legend, the wedding ritual purges the bride’s strength and prepares her indian cupid reviews for a fulfilling marriage. In the process, the wedding is furthermore smeared with turmeric as a form of purifying, along with five Veda chants.

The Anjara follows, in which the princess’s relatives grant the newlywed couple’s blessing. The groom then presents the wife with her Mangal Sutra, saying that he accepts her as a significant part of his relatives.

Ultimately, the Vidai ceremony occurs when the wedding bids farewell to her kids and makes her way to her new home with her husband. Her sisters lovingly tickle her by requesting that the groom’s residence let her in and blocking his entry. Then, in order to break through their siege, he must supply them presents. A joyful, enjoyable traditions! Juta Churai frequently performs this ceremony, where the couple’s sister-in-law tries to steal his trainers and demand payment for them.

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